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Andreas Filippi / Fabio Saccardin / Sebastian Kühl (Editor)

ISBN 978-1-78698-133-2 Categories , ,


Following on from the recent publication of Basic Oral Surgery comes the perfect book for advanced practitioners who frequently perform oral surgery procedures in their practices and want to update and develop their skills. The book is also aimed at current and prospective specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Like the first volume, Advanced Oral Surgery is designed as an atlas rather than a textbook. In the clinical chapters, particularly, the theoretical content is outlined in short passages of text and follows a similar structure: indications, contraindications, step-by-step clinical procedures, and postoperative controls. This second volume also contains numerous illustrations in the form of series of images and videos linked via QR codes. The content and scope of the book are based on advanced training programs and the range of clinical advanced training in oral surgery provided by university departments.

History taking
Chapter 01. Complex patient profile in oral surgery

Special equipment in oral surgery
Chapter 02. Optical magnification aids
Chapter 03. CO2 laser
Chapter 04. Piezoelectric surgery
Chapter 05. Cone beam computed tomography

Bone-preserving interventions
Chapter 06. Alveolar stabilization
Chapter 07. Autologous dental hard tissue
Chapter 08. Decoronation

Tooth preserving surgery
Chapter 09. Surgical exposure and orthodontic alignment
Chapter 10. Apicoectomy
Chapter 11. Tooth transplantation
Chapter 12. Intentional replantation
Chapter 13. Transreplantation

Soft tissue surgery
Chapter 14. Vestibuloplasty and apically repositioned flap
Chapter 15. Autologous soft tissue grafts
Chapter 16. Recession coverage
Chapter 17. Salivary stone removal

Hard tissue surgery
Chapter 18. Cystostomy and cystectomy
Chapter 19. Removal of exostoses
Chapter 20. Surgical revisions of the alveolar process

Temporary skeletal anchorage
Chapter 21. Orthodontic mini-implants
Chapter 22. Palatal implants

Chapter 23. Evidence-based aspects

With contributions from:
Stephan Acham • Daniel Baumhoer • Michael M. Bornstein • Thomas Connert • Dorothea Dagassan-Berndt • Henrik Dommisch • Tobias Fretwurst • Mathieu Gass • Norbert Jakse • Ronald E. Jung • Georgios Kanavakis • Adrian Kasaj • Khaled Mukaddam • Katja Nelson • Puria Parvini • Michael Payer • Martina Schriber • Michael Schwaiger • Frank Schwarz • Bernd Stadlinger • Frank Peter Strietzel • Silvio Valdec • Carlalberta Verna • Jürgen Wallner • Wolfgang Zemann


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