Diseases of Poultry, 2 Volume Set, 14th Edition

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The most complete and definitive reference to all aspects of poultry diseases, Diseases of Poultry, Fourteenth Edition has been fully revised and updated to offer a comprehensive survey of current knowledge.

  • Updates the definitive reference of poultry health and disease
  • Provides more clinically relevant information on management of specific diseases, contributed by clinical poultry veterinarians
  • Offers information on disease control in organic and antibiotic-free production
  • Presents more concise, streamlined chapters for ease of use
  • Incorporates advances in the field, from new diagnostic tools and information to changes brought about by the increasing globalization and the re-emergence of zoonotic pathogens

Preface: Historical Review of Diseases of Poultry x

Introduction xvi

Contributors xviii

Volume One

Section I General Concepts of Poultry Diseases 1

1 Principles of Disease Prevention, Diagnosis, and Control 3

Introduction 3
Stephen R. Collett

Principles of Disease Prevention, Diagnosis, and Control 4
Stephen R. Collett and John A. Smith

Disease Prevention and Control in Antibiotic‐Free Production 40
John A. Smith, Martine Boulianne, Robert L. Owen, and Eric Gingerich

Antimicrobial Therapy (Including Resistance) 52
Randall S. Singer, Timothy J. Johnson, and Charles L. Hofacre Public

Health Significance of Poultry Diseases 58
Roy D. Berghaus and Bruce Stewart‐Brown

2 Host Factors for Disease Resistance 79

Introduction 79
Silke Rautenschlein

The Avian Immune System 80
Silke Rautenschlein

Genetics of Disease Resistance 90
Hans H. Cheng and Susan J. Lamont

Section II Viral Diseases 109

3 Newcastle Disease, Other Avian Paramyxoviruses, and Avian Metapneumovirus Infections 111

Introduction 111
David L. Suarez

Newcastle Disease 112
Patti J. Miller and Guus Koch

Avian Paramyxoviruses 2–15 and 17 129
Egbert Mundt

Avian Metapneumovirus 135
Silke Rautenschlein

4 Infectious Bronchitis 167
Mark W. Jackwood and Sjaak de Wit

5 Infectious Laryngotracheitis 189
Maricarmen Garcia and Stephen Spatz

6 Influenza 210
David E. Swayne, David L. Suarez, and Leslie D. Sims

7 Infectious Bursal Disease 257
Nicolas Eterradossi and Yehia M. Saif

8 Chicken Infectious Anemia and Circovirus Infections in Commercial Flocks 284
Karel A. Schat and Vicky L. van Santen

Circovirus Infections in Commercial Flocks 304

9 Adenovirus Infections 321

Introduction 321
Scott D. Fitzgerald

Aviadenovirus Infections 322
Michael Hess

Atadenovirus (Egg Drop Syndrome of Chickens and Related Infections) 332
Joan A. Smyth

Hemorrhagic Enteritis and Related Infections 339
Silke Rautenschlein, Hassan M. Mahsoub, Scott D. Fitzgerald, and F. William Pierson

Quail Bronchitis 347
Willie M. Reed and Sherman W. Jack

10 Pox 364
Deoki N. Tripathy and Willie M. Reed

11 Avian Reovirus Infections 382
Jacob Pitcovski and Sagar M. Goyal

12 Viral Enteric Infections 401

Introduction 401
Yehia M. Saif

Turkey Coronavirus Enteritis 402
James S. Guy

Rotavirus Infections 408
J. Michael Day

Astrovirus Infections 416
Giovanni Cattoli

Avian Enterovirus‐Like Virus Infections 421
Christopher S. Hayhow

Enteric Parvovirus Infections of Chickens and Turkeys 426
J. Michael Day

13 Viral Infections of Waterfowl 446

Introduction 446
Simone T. Stoute

Duck Hepatitis 450
Hsiang-Jung Tsai

Duck Virus Enteritis (Duck Plague) 460
Samia A. Metwally and Anchun Cheng

Hemorrhagic Nephritis Enteritis of Geese 470
Jean‐Luc Guerin

Parvovirus Infections of Waterfowl 474
Vilmos J. Palya

14 Other Viral Infections 498

Introduction 498
Yehia M. Saif

Columbid alphaherpesvirus‐1 (Pigeon herpesvirus 1) 498
Didier Marlier

Avian Nephritis 502
Victoria J. Smyth and Amir H. Noormohammadi

Arbovirus Infections 507
James S. Guy

Turkey Viral Hepatitis 516
James S. Guy

Avian Encephalomyelitis 520
David L. Suarez

Avian Hepatitis E Virus Infections 528
X.J. Meng and H.L. Shivaprasad

15 Neoplastic Diseases 548

Introduction 548
Venugopal Nair

Marek’s Disease 550
Venugopal Nair, Isabel Gimeno, and John Dunn

Leukosis/Sarcoma Group 587
Venugopal Nair

Reticuloendotheliosis 625
Guillermo Zavala and Venugopal Nair

Other Tumors 637
Susan M. Williams, Rodney L. Reece, and Scott Hafner

Volume Two

Section III Bacterial Diseases 717

16 Salmonella Infections 719
Richard K. Gast and Robert E. Porter, Jr.

17 Campylobacteriosis 754
Qijing Zhang and Orhan Sahin

18 Colibacillosis 770
Lisa K. Nolan, Jean‐Pierre Vaillancourt, Nicolle L. Barbieri, and Catherine M. Logue

19 Pasteurellosis and Other Respiratory Bacterial Infections 831

Introduction 831
Martine Boulianne

Fowl Cholera 831
Pat J. Blackall and Charles L. Hofacre

Riemerella anatipestifer Infection 846
Jaime A. Ruiz and Tirath S. Sandhu

Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale Infection 853
Hafez M. Hafez and Richard P. Chin

Bordetellosis (Turkey Coryza) 860
Karen B. Register and Mark W. Jackwood

20 Infectious Coryza and Related Bacterial Infections 890
Pat J. Blackall and Edgardo Soriano‐Vargas

21 Mycoplasmosis 907

Introduction 907
Naola Ferguson‐Noel

Mycoplasma gallisepticum Infection 911
Natalie K. Armour

Mycoplasma synoviae Infection 924
Naola Ferguson‐Noel and Amir H. Noormohammadi

Mycoplasma iowae Infection 929
Mohamed El‐Gazzar and Janet M. Bradbury

Other Mycoplasmal Infections 933
Naola Ferguson‐Noel

22 Clostridial Diseases 966

Introduction 966
Martine Boulianne

Ulcerative Enteritis 967
Francisco A. Uzal

Necrotic Enteritis 972
Kenneth Opengart and Martine Boulianne

Botulism 976
Martine Boulianne and Francisco A. Uzal

Gangrenous Dermatitis 980
Kenneth Opengart

23 Other Bacterial Diseases 995

Introduction 995
Catherine M. Logue

Staphylococcosis 995
Claire B. Andreasen

Streptococcus and Enterococcus 1003
Luke B. Borst

Erysipelas 1010
Helena Eriksson

Avian Intestinal Spirochetosis 1018
David J. Hampson

Tuberculosis 1033
Susan Sanchez and Richard M. Fulton

Miscellaneous and Sporadic Bacterial Infections 1043
Tahseen Abdul‐Aziz

24 Avian Chlamydiosis 1086
Daisy Vanrompay

Section IV Fungal Diseases 1109

25 Fungal Infections 1111
Pascal Arne and Margie D. Lee

Section V Parasitic Diseases 1135

26 External Parasites and Poultry Pests 1137
Nancy C. Hinkle and Robert M. Corrigan

27 Internal Parasites 1157
Larry R. McDougald

28 Protozoal Infections 1192

Introduction 1192
Larry R. McDougald

Coccidiosis 1193
Hector M. Cervantes, Larry R. McDougald, and Mark C. Jenkins

Cryptosporidiosis 1217
Larry R. McDougald

Histomoniasis(Histomonosis, BlackheadDisease) 1223
Michael Hess and Larry R. McDougald

Miscellaneous and Sporadic Protozoal Infections 1231
Robert Beckstead

Section VI Noninfectious Diseases 1255

29 Nutritional Diseases 1257
Kirk C. Klasing and Doug R. Korver

30 Developmental, Metabolic, and Other Noninfectious Disorders 1286
Rocio Crespo

31 Mycotoxicoses 1330
Frederic J. Hoerr

32 Toxins and Poisons 1349
Richard M. Fulton

Section VII Other Diseases 1383

33 Emerging Diseases and Diseases of Complex or Unknown Etiology 1385

Introduction 1385
Yehia M. Saif and David E. Swayne

Multicausal Respiratory Diseases 1386
Mary J. Pantin‐Jackwood and Erica Spackman

Multicausal Enteric Diseases 1390
Timothy J. Johnson and J. Michael Day

White Chick Syndrome 1393
David French

Focal Duodenal Necrosis in Table Egg Layers 1395
Eric Gingerich

Wooden Breast and Other Muscle Abnormalities 1397
S.F. Bilgili

Idiopathic Egg Production Drops in Brown Layers 1398
Kelli Jones, George Boggan, and Milos Markis

Index 1411


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