Disorders of the Heart and Blood Vessels (AFIP, Series 5, 17)

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Diciembre 2023


Maleszewski, J. — Burke, A. — Veinot, J. — Edwards, W.


1ª Edición


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This new volume on the heart and great vessels has been expanded to become a comprehensive atlas of all cardiovascular disease—both neoplastic and non-neoplastic. In the spirit of prior editions, correlation of expertly curated pathology photographs and photomicrographs with clinical presentation, imaging and molecular genetics remains the cornerstone. The spectrum of cardiovascular disease, both congenital and acquired, is vast; accounting for the relative size of this fascicle. Every attempt has been made to focus on the clinically-relevant features of the diseases helping not only pathologists, but also providing cardiologists, radiologists, and surgeons a reference to understand the pathologic basis of the conditions they diagnose and treat each day. The authors have meticulously provided gross photographs that mirror (where possible) planar imaging techniques that will enable pathologic-radiologic correlation and facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

(AFIP, Atlas of Tumor and Non-Tumor Pathology Series 5, 17)


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