Epidemiology in Small Animal Parasitology. Climate Change and Social, Economic and Political Factors (e-book)

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This book provides an understanding of climate change and other contributing factors in the emergence/reemergence of parasitic diseases in companion animal. It describes the known changes in the epidemiology of key parasite infections and highlights zoonotic threats, and is therefore a valuable resource for veterinary practitioners to manage risks and keep abreast of emerging/reemerging parasitic diseases of pets.

1. Introduction2. Epidemiology and an overview of its influencers Quality of date Disease occurrence and determinants Transmission and maintenance of infection Climate change and disease ecology Risk and its prediction and mitigation Monitoring the effect of change and treatment Effect of treatment and prevention on the establishment of infection and disease3. Climate change: predictions and actual effects on parasite populations Methods of prediction Vector-borne parasites Ectoparasites Endoparasites4. Impacts of animal movement and climate change Leishmaniosis and its spread in southern Europe Tick life cycle through Siberian chipmunks in France Echinococcus multilocularis spread in Europe since rabies elimination Baylisascaris in raccoons in Germany Leishmania in dogs in the United States5. Social, political and economic upheaval Central Asian countries and the Soviet Union collapse Syrian military and civil conflict Greek financial crisis6. Urban sprawl and implications on peri-urban areas Animal road kill epidemiology Land conservation corridors Wildlife infiltration7. Governmental programmes to tackle animal movement Quarantine approaches UK pet passport scheme EU pet movement scheme8. Pet owners and public attitudes Societal attitude to therapeutics – political, economic and individual choices9. Implications of human and good movements Tiger mosquito incursion in the EU10. Implications for veterinarians Identification Management Strategic planning Obtaining treatments Education of pet owners Influencing public strategy


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