Essential guides on swine health and production. Semen collection and management

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Artificial insemination (AI) is an indispensable technique on swine farms, and its success depends primarily on semen quality. This handbook covers the key steps necessary to obtain high-quality processed semen and ensure successful AI. Essential practical considerations are clearly detailed in each chapter.

1. Introduction2. Anatomy and physiology Anatomy Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis Spermatogenesis Reproductive development3. Collection and training room Introduction Collection area Boar training Semen collection process4. Method for collecting boar semen Double glove technique Sperm fractions5. Evaluation of semen quality Introduction Volume Motility Morphology (abnormalities) Sperm concentration and sperm count Acrosome morphology Agglutination Data sheet for monitoring boars6. Semen processing and storage Semen extenders Extender preparation Preparation of semen doses ando semen storageReferences


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