Fundamental Principles of Veterinary Anesthesia

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February 2024

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Comprehensive textbook integrating physiology and anesthesia of multiple species of animals in a unique practical setting

Fundamental Principles of Veterinary Anesthesia is designed specifically for veterinary students, animal health technicians and veterinarians in general practice. The first edition of Fundamental Principles of Veterinary Anesthesia covers the key principles of veterinary anesthesia, encompassing a wide range of species, including dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and pigs, and establishing links between physiology, pharmacology, and clinical practice in healthy and ill patients.

This text serves as a practical guide for students to prepare themselves for clinical work in a private practice setting, and as a rich, practical resource for those in general practice.

This text is ideally used as a complete curriculum aligned resource, and the companion website is designed to decrease the burden of lecturers who need to compile PowerPoint presentations and review questions.

Topics covered in Fundamental Principles of Veterinary Anesthesia include:

  • Practical approach to the peri-anesthetic period, from patient assessment, through to preparing for, and successfully completing, an anesthetic event
  • Anesthetic drugs available in an academic or private practice, with a focus on commonly used drugs
  • Components of the anesthetic machine, gas flow through the machine, how vaporizers work and their functionalities
  • Principles and techniques of patient monitoring, with focus on commonly available devices and their applications


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