Infectious Diseases of the Horse. Diagnosis, pathology, management, and public health

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A clinician and a pathologist collaborate to create a comprehensive yet practical book about established infectious diseases of horses, categorised according to the different pathogens. The book evaluates the latest diagnostic aids, including rapid developments in molecular biology, while emphasising that they are no substitute for clinical observation and skills. The majority of equine infectious diseases caused by microbes and parasites are covered – bacterial, viral, protozoan, fungal, ectoparasitic and helminthic. Practical appendices contain a list of differential diagnoses based on clinical signs to support clinical decision-making, a list of zoonoses and reportable diseases, and an elaborate illustrated appendix on clinical pathology and haematology.

Thoroughly updated a decade after the release of the original text, the book continues to be concise and easy to understand and remains an important resource for uncommon conditions. It adds new sections on pythiosis, equine encephalosis/Peruvian horse sickness virus, Acinetobacter baumanii, enteric coronavirus-induced disease, and viral hepatitis, as well as updated nomenclature according to the latest reference databases. The most dynamic changes in veterinary medicine concern the development of new molecular diagnostic techniques and therapies, and these have been updated with most recent references throughout this second edition. Finally, the exceptional, full-colour clinical and microscopic images are showcased in a larger format.

Infectious Diseases of the Horse is a valuable resource for all veterinary practitioners, scientists, pathologists, students, technicians and nurses working with horses.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Bacterial diseases.

Chapter 2: Viral diseases.

Chapter 3: Protozoal diseases.

Chapter 4: Fungal diseases.

Chapter 5: Ectoparasitical diseases.

Chapter 6: Helmintic diseases.

Appendix 1 Differential diagnoses.

Appendix 2 (Potential) Zoonoses.

Appendix 3 Clinical pathology.




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