Integrated Clinical Orthodontics, 2nd Edition

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Vinod Krishnan (Editor), Anne Marie Kuijpers-Jagtman (Editor)

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Integrated Clinical Orthodontics Integrates orthodontic diagnosis and treatment into the wider healthcare of the patient to achieve the highest possible standards of care

Integrated Clinical Orthodontics offers an overview of clinical orthodontic theory and practice to equip clinicians to take an integrated approach to orthodontic practice. It presents the problems of orthodontics in an interdisciplinary context to describe how the potential complexity of dentofacial problems, the medical histories of patients, and a host of other factors contribute to orthodontic outcomes. The second edition has been expanded and thoroughly updated with new chapters and following an organized approach to the role of the orthodontist as part of a team. Cases in the book include orofacial deformities, sleep disorders, esthetic smile creation and temporomandibular joint problems.

Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment are integrated into the wider health of the patient, including orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, genetics and psychology, and the result is a modern, adaptable approach that places the patient and their needs at its center to achieve the highest possible standard of patient care.

Readers of the second edition of Integrated Clinical Orthodontics will also find:

  • New chapters on neuromuscular disorders, customized orthodontics, artificial intelligence, ethics and patient data
  • Expanded content on special care in dentistry
  • Guidance for the clinical interactions between orthodontics and other areas of dentistry and medicine
  • Clinical implications and applications of the integrated approach in every chapter

Integrated Clinical Orthodontics is an essential resource for clinical orthodontists and specialists in related medical and dental fields who wish to take the holistic view of orthodontic practice.


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