Manual of Equine Anesthesia and Analgesia

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In recent years, a number of important developments have been made in equine anaesthesia and analgesia. These include new methods of monitoring the patient, the availability of new drugs and the implementation of new procedures. This book not only covers all the traditional methods of anaesthesia and recent developments, but it provides students and practitioners with essential information on the scientific basis of anaesthesia, as well as giving handy tips on more practical aspects of anaesthesia, such as drug regimens for field anaesthesia.

  • Covers all the latest developments in equine anaesthesia whilst providing the reader with lots of practical information
  • Includes detailed coverage of the sciences behind anaesthesia and the drugs used
  • Easy-to-read format, with lots of bulleted lists and tabulated information

Table of contents

1. Introduction .
2. Peri-operative Evaluation.
3. Basic Physiology .
4. Basic Pharmacology.
5. Intravenous Fluid Therapy .
6. Blood gases and Acid-Base..
7. Monitoring the Anaesthetised Horse .
8. Premedication and Sedation .
9. Induction.
10. Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) .
11. Inhalation Anesthesia & Anesthesia Machine.
12. Partial Intravenous Anesthesia (PIVA).
13. Ventillatory Support.
14. Analgesia .
15. Recovery from Anesthesia.
16. Foal Anesthesia .
17. Pregnant Mare.
18. Mules and Donkeys .
19. Euthanasia .
20. Remote Capture .
21. Nerve Blocks of Thoracic and Pelvic Limbs .
22. Regional anesthesia .
23. Anaesthesia for Eye Surgery .
24. Anesthesia for Colic Cases
25. Anesthetic Complications
26. Chemical Control for Transport & Evacuation.
Appendix: Drug Dosages – A Guide


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