Manual of Small Animal Surgical Emergencies


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First edition

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22×28 cm




Hardback, full colors

ISBN 9781962679459 Categories , , , ,


  • More than 300 high resolution images and 90 videos
  • Detailed, bullet-pointed walkthrough of the recommended surgical
  • “Pro Tips” from experienced surgeons

This comprehensive guide, born from a profound understanding of the challenges
faced by veterinarians, provides an authoritative and readily accessible resource
for addressing urgent surgical needs in small animals.

Dogs and cats often find themselves in critical situations necessitating swift and precise surgical
intervention. Whether it’s trauma-related injuries, acute abdominal crises, or
unforeseen complications, the ability to navigate these emergencies with expertise
is paramount.

Manual of Small Animals Surgical Emergencies effectively provides a
comprehensive guide that empowers veterinarians, technicians, residents in small
animal surgery or surgeons in training to make informed decisions and execute
precise surgical interventions.

Structured for intuitive progression, each section
meticulously addresses specific emergency categories, supported by ‘Pro Tips’
from seasoned surgeons and complemented by high-resolution figures and videos
available through QR codes on
contributing to a proactive approach in surgical planning.


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