Practical Equine Dermatology, 2nd Edition

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A practical and comprehensive reference for equine dermatology cases

The newly revised Second Edition of Practical Equine Dermatology delivers a thorough exploration of common dermatological conditions affecting horses whilst also drawing attention to rarer conditions.

The book offers detailed advice on treatments and products currently available on the veterinary market in a problem-oriented layout that provides a practical approach to quick and efficient diagnosis. Clinical presentations, diagnostic features, and disorder management for each described condition are presented in an easy-to-digest bullet-point format supported by concise references and recommendations for further reading.

An ideal quick reference for veterinary practitioners on the key points of equine skin conditions, this new edition also includes:

  • A thorough introduction to the diagnostic approach, including taking an accurate history, the clinical examination, and diagnostic tests.
  • Comprehensive exploration of pruritus, including contagious conditions, such as ectoparasites and helminth infestation, and non-contagious conditions, such as insect attack and atopic dermatitis.
  • Practical discussion of crusting and scaling, including primary seborrhoea and infectious causes, such as superficial fungal infections and environmental factors.
  • In-depth examination of ulcers and erosions, nodules and swellings, coat problems, and pigmentary disorders.

Perfect for any practising veterinarian seeing equine cases in first opinion practice, Practical Equine Dermatology will also be of use to veterinary students with an interest in equine veterinary medicine.

Preface to the second edition ix

Acknowledgements xi

Disclaimer xii

1 The diagnostic approach 1

Taking the history 1

Clinical examination 3

Diagnostic tests 4

References and Further reading 12

2 Pruritus 13

Contagious conditions 14

Ectoparasitic infestations 14

Free-living mite infestations 19

Helminth infestations 23

Microbial infections 24


conditions 26

Hypersensitivity disorders 27

Immune-mediated disease 35

Neoplasia 35

Neurogenic pruritus 35

References and Further reading 36

3 Crusting and Scaling 37

Idiopathic seborrhoeic conditions 37

Secondary, acquired keratinisation and crusting disorders 40

Infectious causes 40

Immune-mediated causes 52

Environmental causes 61

Uncertain aetiology 63

References and Further reading 75

4 Ulcers and Erosions 77

Contagious causes 77

Immune-mediated causes 83

Congenital and hereditary causes 90

Environmental causes 95

Neoplastic causes 99

Miscellaneous dermatoses 99

References and Further reading 105

5 Papules, Nodules, and Masses 106

Physical conditions 106

Cysts 110

Viral conditions 113

Bacterial infections 119

Fungal infections 128

Parasitic conditions 132

Immune-mediated conditions 135

Neoplasia 140

Miscellaneous causes 154

References and Further reading 166

6 Coat Problems 168

Alopecia 168

Other abnormalities 178

References and Further reading 182

Contents vii

7 Pigmentary Disorders 183

Genetics of skin and coat colour 183

Hypopigmentation disorders 185

Hyperpigmentation 192

References and Further reading 192

8 Therapy in Equine Dermatology 193

Availability of veterinary medicines for equine patients 193

References and Further reading 194

Index 196


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