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This Quintessence International (QI) annual yearbook is a compilation of selected articles representing the most significant work from the past year. Through a double-blind process that ensures anonymity and quality, our team of editors and reviewers performed the remarkable and difficult task of reviewing and evaluating many deserving submissions to present you with this outstanding selection of 20 articles. Organized by disciplines and topics, the articles provide a valuable and user-friendly resource that we hope you find enjoyable and informative.

Contents Quintessence International (QI) annual

General Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry
  • Amr M. Elnaghy | Alaa H. Elshazli | Shaymaa E. Elsaka
    Effectiveness of oral premedication of meloxicam, ketorolac, dexamethasone, and ibuprofen on the success rate of inferior alveolar nerve block in patients with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis: a prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled trial
  • Stella Spurthi | Srirangarajan Sridharan | Rajesh Hosadurga | Ravi J. Rao | Srikumar Prabhu | Pramod Kumar Pal | Nitish Kamble | Kempaiah Rakesh | Amit Kumar
    Effectiveness of oral hygiene educational interventional programs on participants with Parkinson disease: a randomized controlled study
  • Vinícius F. Lippert | Jonas P. Andrade | Ana M. Spohr | Marcel F. Kunrath
    Complete oral rehabilitation with direct and indirect composite resins: a minimally invasive approach on severely compromised teeth
  • Ahmad Mekari | Abdulkareem Almarrawi | Christian H. Splieth
    Autotransplantation of an immature mandibular third molar to a recipient site with periradicular lesion: a case report
  • Manpreet Kaur | Rajinder Kumar Sharma | Shikha Tewari | Ritika Arora | Nishi Tanwar | Aditi Sangwan
    Effect of antibiotics as an adjuvant to subgingival instrumentation on systemic inflammation in patients with periodontitis: a randomized clinical trial
  • Tae H. Kwon | Daliah M. Salem | Liran Levin
    The role of home care therapy in periodontal disease treatment and management
  • Lan-Lin Chiou | Brandi Herron | Glendale Lim | Yusuke Hamada
    The effect of systemic antibiotics on periodontal regeneration: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
  • Siro Pietro De Ry | Marco Pagnamenta | Christoph Andreas Ramseier | Andrea Roccuzzo | Giovanni Edoardo Salvi | Anton Sculean
    Five-year results following regenerative periodontal surgery with an enamel matrix derivative in patients with different smoking status
  • Phoebus Tsaousoglou | Georgios S. Chatzopoulos | Lazaros Tsalikis | Theodosia Lazaridou | Georgios Mikrogeorgis | Ioannis Vouros
    Prevalence and risk indicators of peri-implantitis: a university based cross-sectional study
  • Luiz Felipe Palma | Cristiano Joia | Leandro Chambrone
    Effects of ozone therapy on periodontal and peri-implant surgical wound healing: a systematic review
Oral Surgery
  • Mayara Santos de Castro | Bárbara Maria de Souza Moreira Machado | Mariane Carolina Faria Barbosa | Lélio Fernando Ferreira Soares | Felipe Fornias Sperandio | Marina Lara de Carli | Suzane Cristina Pigossi | Daniela Coelho de Lima
    Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on head and neck cancer patients: systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Ankita A. Agrawal | Prasad V. Dhadse | Bhairavi V. Kale | Komal R. Bhombe | Kiran K. Ganji | Andrej M. Kielbassa
    A blind randomized controlled pilot trial on recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 in combination with a bioresorbable membrane on periodontal regeneration in mandibular molar furcation defects
Pediatric Dentistry
  • Burak Aksoy | Hamdi Cem Güngör | Serdar Uysal | Cesar D. Gonzales | Seval Ölmez
    Ferric sulfate pulpotomy in primary teeth with different base materials: a 2-year randomized controlled trial
  • Haneen Al-Attiya | Mhd Said Mourad | Christian H. Splieth | Julian Schmoeckel
    Influence of treatment setting on success of pulpectomy in primary molars: a retrospective analysis up to 4 years
Community Dentistry
  • Nisreen Al Jallad | Shruti Vasani | Tong Tong Wu | Rita Cacciato | Marie Thomas | Nour Lababede | Ayah Lababede | Jin Xiao
    Racial and oral health disparity associated with perinatal oral health care utilization among underserved US pregnant women
  • Ayelet Berg-Warman | Ile Kermel-Schiffman | Shlomo Paul Zusman | Lena Natapov
    Oral health disparities among the 65+ age group
Oral Medicine and Orofacial Pain
  • Gary D. Klasser | Elliot Abt | Robert J. Weyant | Charles S. Greene
    Temporomandibular disorders: current status of research, education, policies, and its impact on clinicians in the United States of America
  • Clara Joseph | Mathieu Marty | Sophie-Myriam Dridi | Veroniek Verhaeghe | Isabelle Bailleul-Forestier | Christine Chiaverini | Thomas Hubiche | Juliette Mazereeuw-Hautier | Olivier Deny | Dominique Declerck | Philippe Kémoun
    Oral health status in patients with inherited epidermolysis bullosa: a comparative multicenter study
  • Aditi Priyamvara | Amit K. Dey | Abhiram Maddi | Sorin Teich
    The relationship between periodontal and kidney disease: a critical review
  • Felix Enderle | Florian D. Grill | Niklas Rommel | Lucas M. Ritschl | Andrea Grandoch | Klaus-Dietrich Wolff | Anton Sculean | Herbert Deppe
    Radiographic analysis of the anterior mandible and its anatomical variations using cone-beam computed tomography
  • Andrea Roccuzzo | Johanna Ettmayer | Siro Pietro De Ry | Jean-Claude Imber | Anton Sculean | Giovanni Edoardo Salvi
    Radiographic angle width as predictor of clinical outcomes following regenerative periodontal therapy with enamel matrix derivative: a retrospective cohort study with a mean follow-up of at least 10 years
Prof. Dr. Eli Eliav DMD, MSc, PhD
United States of America, Rochester

Dr. Eliav is a professor and the Director of the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, Vice President for Oral Health at the University of Rochester Medical Center and the Vice Dean for Oral Health within its School of Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Eliav earned his Dental Degree (1991), MSc (1995) and PhD (2004) from the Hebrew University and Hadassah in Jerusalem. He specialized in Oral Medicine at the Hebrew University, Hadassah Jerusalem, Israel (1991-1995) and trained in Clinical and Basic Science Research Program in the National Institute of Health Bethesda, Maryland, USA (1995-1997). Since 2008 he is the Editor in Chief of Quintessence International and since 2018 an associate Editor of the Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache.


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