Radiography of the Dog and Cat, 2nd Ed

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A convenient and authoritative quick-reference guide to help you get the most from radiography of dogs and cats.

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December 2023

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M. C. Muhlbauer, S. K. Kneller

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In the newly revised second edition of Radiography of the Dog and Cat: Guide to Making and Interpreting Radiographs, the authors deliver a thorough update to a celebrated reference manual for all veterinary personnel, student to specialist, involved with canine and feline radiography. The book takes a straightforward approach to the fundamentals of radiography and provides easy-to-follow explanations of key points and concepts. Hundreds of new images have been added covering normal radiographic anatomy and numerous diseases and disorders.

Readers of the book will also find:

  • An expanded positioning guide along with images of properly positioned radiographs.
  • Numerous examples of radiographic artifacts with explanations of their causes and remedies.
  • Detailed explanations of many contrast radiography procedures, including indications, contraindications, and common pitfalls.
  • Comprehensive treatments of Musculoskeletal, Thoracic, and Abdominal body parts, including both normal and abnormal radiographic appearances and variations in body types.

Perfect for veterinary practitioners and students, the second edition is also a valuable handbook for veterinary technical staff seeking a one-stop reference for dog and cat radiography.

 1: X- Rays 1

 2: Radiographs 51

 3: Thorax 137

 4: Abdomen 269

 5: Musculoskeleton 387



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