SLOW & GROW – Keep Calm and Boost Your Success Through Excellence in Dentistry

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Dr. Primitivo Roig is the author of the best book about dental practice management ever written. Based on the concept of Slow Dentistry, which he himself created and developed, we feel certain that what we’ve edited is destined to become a bestseller: a reference book for dentists around the world.In the world of marketing and digital communication, if you want to maintain an effective human relationship with your patients you need to work with a philosophy that puts your service to the patient in the middle of the field. The dentist plays in a crowded scenario where patients and his team need to find the right place. Human relationships are a big part of the game. Having some good advices in putting together the pieces of this complex puzzle is very helpful.If you want to compete successfully in this scenario that is expanding worldwide, you need to improve the service of your office with a 360-degree approach. You will find some of the concepts illustrated in this book not only interesting but necessary.


SECTION 1. How It All Started:

The Problem

Mass Economy

The Harried Dentist

The Solution

The Cult of Calmness

A Change of Focus in Education

A New Movement

Practical Applications of the Slow Movement

Slow Medicine

Slow Dentistry

Slow Reflection. The Pleasure of Doing Things Well

SECTION 2. The Slow Approach

The Evolution of Dentistry

A Revolution in Concept

What, Why, How, and What For

Focus on the Patient

Getting Started with the Slow Approach

From Philosophy to Method

Basic Principles

The Advantages of Slow Dentistry

Advantages for Professionals

Advantages for Patients

Slow Reflection. Management, Quality of Care, and Technology Come Together for Our Patients

SECTION 3. The Importance of Balance

Choosing the Best Option

More vs. Less

Balanced Quality

Fast vs. Slow

Dentistry, in Just the Right Measure

Complete Dentistry

Patient Profiles

For the Responsible Use of Technology

Adequate Treatment

The Value of Prevention

Natural Teeth vs. Implants

Overtreatment vs. Undertreatment

Slow Reflection. Esthetic Dental Treatment: When Less is More

SECTION 4. Living and Practicing Slow

An Ideal Plan

Setting an Example

A Game Plan

Completing Tasks

Personal Organization


Professional Success

The Competition

A Value Proposition Formula

Achieving Success

Slow Reflection. Digital Technology is an Advantage… if We Have Good Management First


SECTION 1. Dental Practice Management

An Introduction to Practice Management

The Importance of Management

Management Functions

A Change in Mindset

The Dental Practice as a Business

Vision, Mission, and Values

Business Ethics in Dentistry

The Dental Practice and Its Environment

Market Study

Demand Analysis

SECTION 2. Organization and Quality

Objective Planning

Creating an Objective Plan

The Business Plan

Information Management

Time Management

Organizing the Schedule

Factors that Influence Time Management

Quality Management

The Concept of “Total Quality”

Non-Quality Costs

SECTION 3. Basic Finances

A Dental Practice’s Performance


Purchases and Investments

Accounting in Dentistry

Account Management


Economic and Financial Control

Financial Budget

Establishing Fees

SECTION 4. Dental Practice Marketing

Marketing in the Dental Profession

Internal and External Marketing

Brand Value

The Practice as a Marketing Element

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Mix


Online Marketing

The Website

Engagement in Social Networks


SECTION 1. Management Skills for Dentists

The Dentist as Business Person

The Practice Director

The Basic Functions of the Business Person

The Dentist as Leader

Basic Qualities and Functions

Leadership vs. Management

Organization and Delegation

Personal Organization

Power vs. Authority

Section 2. Human Resources Management

Organizational Structure

The Value of People

Team Selection and Training

Hierarchy of a Dental Practice

Chain of Command

Employee Duties

Human Resources Policy

Company Handbook

Conduct Codes

SECTION 3. Creating a Successful Team

Team Social Skills

Emotional Intelligence

A Positive Attitude

Maintaining the Team

The Value of Talent

Make Your Team Loyal

Motivating Team Members

Happiness in the Workplace

Reaching Objectives

SECTION 4. Teamwork

Team Spirit

The Basic Principles of Teamwork


Team Communication

Internal Communication

Staff Meetings

Ongoing Team Improvement

Conflict Resolution

Team Maturity


SECTION 1. Patient Services

Dental Patients

Patient or Client?

Purchasing Dental Services

Patient Communication

Elements of Communication

Communication Barriers

Communicate Successfully

An Even Exchange

Phases in the Consumption Process

Patient Services

SECTION 2. Initial Consultation

First Time Ever in the Office

First Impressions

ABC1 Protocol

The Last Visit

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Diagnostic Value

Treatment Plan

Treatment Proposal

Presenting Treatment Successfully

Selling Without Actually Trying to

Visual Aids

The Goal is a “Yes”

SECTION 3. Patient Satisfaction Management

The Formula for Patient Satisfaction

Our Patients’ Expectations

Patient Opinion

Dissatisfied Patients

Complaints and Claims

Conflict Resolution

From Dissatisfied to Satisfied


Patient Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Retention

SECTION 4. Patient Retention

True Retention


The Value of Patient Retention

Retained Patients

From Satisfied to Retained

Promoter, Referrer, Advocate

Retention Protocol

The Recall System

Keys for Retaining Patients


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