Small animal orthopaedics. The hindlimb

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This book describes, with the help of high-quality images, the different surgical techniques used to treat the main orthopaedic conditions affecting the hindlimbs in cats and dogs. Drawing from their experience, the authors provide practical information on how to plan and perform these surgical procedures and how to manage patients postoperatively.

1. The hip Standard approach to the hip joint Luxation Close reduction Hip toggle Iliofemoral suture Transarticular pin Hip dysplasia Femoral head and neck excision Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease2. The stifle Patellar luxation Trochlear groove deepening procedures Block recession trochleoplasty Wedge recession trochleoplasty Trochlear chondroplasty Tibial tuberosity transposition Soft-tissue techniques Cranial cruciate ligament disease Cranial cruciate ligament anatomy and function Clinical history, physical examination and diagnosis Surgical and nonsurgical management Extracapsular repair for management of cranical cruciate ligament disease Tibial tuberosity advancement Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy Cranial closing wedge osteotomy Meniscal pathology and treatment Diagnosis of meniscal injuries Surgical techniques Meniscal inspection: medial and lateral arthrotomy Medial meniscal release Meniscal surgery3. The tarsus Common calcaneal tendon mechanism and injury repair Surgical techniques Chronic common calcaneal tendon mechanism injury Acute injuries of the common calcaneal tendon mechanism Luxation of the tarsal joint Types of luxations Tibiotarsal subluxation and luxation Intertarsal subluxation and luxation Tarsometatarsal subluxation and luxation Surgical management Malleolar fracture repair Transarticular external skeletal fixation in the tarsal joint Partial and pantarsal arthrodesis


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