Systemic Disease Manifestations in the Foot, Ankle and Lower Extremity

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Recognize when lower extremity disorders signal a larger problem. Systemic Disease Manifestations in the Foot, Ankle, and Lower Extremity is the first clinical reference focused on helping you recognize when lower extremity symptoms indicatethe presence of cardiovascular, neurologic, dermatologic, musculoskeletal, endocrinologic, infectious, or other systemic disorders. An impressive roster of multidisciplinary experts guides you through what to look for and how to confirm your diagnosticsuspicions. The result is an indispensible resource that can facilitate early detection and timely treatment.

Key Features

  • Visually identify telltale indicators of systemic disease thanks to an abundance of color photographs, as well as concise descriptions of diagnostically significant features.
  • Consider all the options through in-depth chapters that span the gamut of systemic disorders which can manifest in the lower extremity.
  • Glean information quickly with the aid of at-a-glance tables and a concise format.

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Rock G Positano DPM, MSc, MPH

Co-Director, The Foot Center-New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY; Director, Practice for Disorders of the Heel and Rearfoot, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY; Professor, The Institute for Orthopaedic and Sports Engineering, Albert Nerken School of Engineering, New York, NY

Jeffrey Borer

Christopher DiGiovanni MD

Michael Trepal MD


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