Veterinary Techniques in Llamas and Alpacas, 2nd Edition

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Veterinary Techniques in Llamas and AlpacasPractical resource for how-to information on performing hands-on procedures in llamas and alpacas, with step-by-step descriptions, photographs, and practice tips.

Thoroughly revised to reflect new techniques, knowledge, and research, the Second Edition of Veterinary Techniques in Llamas and Alpacas provides practical step-by-step descriptions of techniques ranging from routine to not-so-common, helping veterinarians to confidently handle and perform common medical and surgical procedures in llamas and alpacas. To aid in practical application, hundreds of high-quality color photographs demonstrate the steps for each technique, making it a useful patient-side resource. Organized by body system, the book encompasses techniques associated with the physical exam, anesthesia, ultrasound, surgery, and more.

Veterinary Techniques in Llamas and Alpacas presents a wide range of techniques, including:

  • Physical restraint and injection sites, including manual restraint (standing, sternal recumbency (“cushed”), and lateral recumbency), chute restraint, and ear squeeze
  • Catheterization, including jugular, cephalic, saphenous, lateral thoracic, auricular vein, auricular artery, femoral artery, intraosseous, intraperitoneal, and caudal epidural
  • The abdomen, including ultrasonography, abdominocentesis, liver biopsy, first forestomach compartment paracentesis, and intubation of the forestomach
  • The female genital system, with information on anatomical considerations, pregnancy diagnosis, vaginoscopy, teat and udder examination, mastectomy, c-section, and uterine torsion

The Second Edition of Veterinary Techniques in Llamas and Alpacas is an essential resource for veterinary practitioners with a camelid caseload, with accessible information and detailed picture-based tutorials on how to perform key procedures.


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